Carolyn Rubin is the owner and principle consultant of C.M.R. Consulting. She is a Senior Level Executive Contributor with Brainz Magazine, Influencer and Mentor of International Association of Women (IAW), Amazon International Best Selling Author of Amazon International Best Selling Book, You Can Overcome Anything! Vol. 8 With Integrity by Cesar R Espino, Contributor to Amazon Best Selling Book Top 50 Fearless Leaders by Stephanie Cirami, and Contributor to Hero’s, Leaders and Legends with the late Pat Sampson. She was selected as Woman of the Year for 2023 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for going above and beyond excellence in her field, demonstration of success professionally and personally, and has been a leader in her community. Carolyn has impacted peoples lives worldwide. 

Carolyn has been customer-focused and concerned about the well-being of everyone she has worked with for over 30 years. She approaches her work from this vantage point. Carolyn's passion for healthcare, speaking, coaching, and training has distinguished her and she has been sought nationally to share her knowledge and expertise on various topics.

Carolyn employs transformational leadership principles when working with teams, identifying needed change, creating a vision, and inspiring and guiding them through the change process. She helps to induce a positive attitude and autonomy for them to make the change with the desired results through motivation and consideration. Carolyn believes in motivating, empowering, and encouraging others to achieve success. She has expertise in program management, operational improvement, change management, acquisition integration, healthcare, and transformational leadership, and she is a skilled communicator and collaborator.

Carolyn is a Certified Speaker, Mentor and Coach with Maxwell Leadership, a Certified Maxwell Disc Trainer and Consultant and a founding member of Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitator Program where she leverages leadership content, tools and resources to help turn leaders into transformation leaders with influence and impact. As a Servant Leader she will help team members climb to become a Servant Leader by helping them ASCEND to the top.​