In today's ever-changing, complex environment it is important to understand the value of an influential thought leader. I will present ways to mitigate risk, invest in yourself, and your people creating high-performing teams for growth and long-term sustainable success. 

Communication provides a powerful connection and increases your influence in every situation.

A strategic growth plan may include changing the culture, engagement within your organization through connected conversations, training and an accountability framework.

Providing DISC analysis with independent and team report outs will allow individuals to understand their personality traits and the team to learn more about their combined styles. Through team building exercises, the leadership game, professional development we can increase employee satisfaction and create a culture that will provide a positive return on investment. 


Fantastic 1-on-1 meeting with Carolyn Rubin. It only took her an hour to really see through my flaws and bring back the passion and optimism I'd lost. She gave me clear instruction of what to say and what not to say when meeting prospects and clients and how to bring positivity in the conversations and more importantly in myself in everyday life. Thank you truly Carolyn Rubin for your time today and I cannot be more appreciative! Anyone who is looking to grow professionally, learn to embrace obstacles and become successful, and simply is looking for answers to everyday problems I strongly recommend speaking with her. - Vincent (Pyong) Kim